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  • Decoders and Other Tools

    Professional Equipment for the Opening of All Types of Vehicles. Auto Lock Picks, Decoders , Key Cutter and Other. Lock Picking Accessories for Automobiles Allows Emergency Opening Locks. 

  • Tools for Emergency...

    A lot different Tools to Opening in Extraordinary Situations. By means of lock pick tools you can removal broken key or use pick gun to non-invasive open door. Setting ratchets in smart key you can make own key without computer

  • Invasive Opening

    In this category you find special locksmith tools to invasive opening car lock. By means of pulling devices you can drawing car locks. Zieh Fix screws are auxiliary tools for pulling devies. Made of good quality material, resistant to damage.

  • Car Lock Picks

    Car lock pick is a basic tool in every locksmith tool. In our shop we have wide variety about lockpick sets and tensions tools. These devices available car lock opening most models of car. Our equipment is professional, made of high quality 

  • Opening via Door Gap

    In case of locked car door our trim car tool and car door air wedge open you car in few minutes. Air wedge softly open a door and then by means of hook opener pull the handle. Trim car tool are special tool to undermine car door. It made a high quality, so it resistant at damage. Open locked car door isn't difficult so don't wait and place an order.

  • Turbodecoders

    Turbodecoder is simulation key to open and start vehicles.  Read the code locks and then make a duplicate our key. In our assortyment we have turbo decoder HU66 to brands Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Porshe also BMW HU92.