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  • 2 in 1 Decoders

    2 in 1 Decoders - Specialised Tools to Opening Car Locks for Locksmiths. These Decoders are High Quality, good Brand Lishi among others Volkswagen or BMW. Our Decoders are Very Good Lock Pick for Qualified People.  

  • Lock Picks

    Professional Lock Picks for Automotive Car Locks. Used for Emergency Lock Opening in Case of Lost or Latched keys. Professional Tools for Locksmiths which Deal with Emergency  Car Door Opening.

  • Key Cutter

    2 in 1 Decoders for Emergency Lock Opening. High Quality Tools Which will Help you Opening Every Car Lock within a Few Minutes, Available for all of the Most Popular Car Brands.  Best Equipment for Professionals  who deal with Car Lock Opening.

  • Master/Slave Keys

    Slave and Master Key are Auxiliary Tools to Duplicate Keys and Opening Car Door. By Means Of Key Cutter You Can Manually Cut Grooves on Slave Key and Apply to Master Key