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Drive Box ByPass EDC15 EDC16 K-Line EDC16 CAN



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Drive Box EDC15, EDC16, ME7 for VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat control units. This Car KeyProgrammer allows you to disable the immobilizer in all VW car models. Just connect it to the diagnostic socket, select the appropriate switch functions, and the device will automatically turn off the immobilizer. It is an indispensable product, highly recommended by a company which deals with key duplicating. The device switches the immobilizer on and off, and can be used repeatedly.

Instructions for the use of EDC16 K-line + CAN

If we want to switch on the ignition with an electronic ignition in OBD2 with pins 1 and 16 (the drive box comes with a special cable which switches on the ignition). Tested on  drivers: 281 011 xxx:

- Connect the drive Box EDC15 / ME7 to the vehicle's diagnostic socket (OBD2)

- Then put the OBD2 and switch to the '' off ''mode on the Drive box VAG.

- After only 20 to 30 seconds the immobilizer will be turned off (IMMO OFF)

- After a few seconds the LED flashes quickly, which means that the immobilizer function is disabled

- The car will work without a key

- Recovery: switch to the '' ON '' on the Drive box.

- After only 20 to 30 seconds, immobilizer switches to the ACTIVATED mode (IMMO ON)

- Suitable for the following models: ME7 Gasoline, diesel engines EDC16, EDC15 diesel engines, Gasoline Bosch ME7

All information on using and use this product are contained in the regulations, which the buyer is obliged to acknowledge that he is familiar with their content and accept them before purchasing.